I think INTERDUBS is worth every cent.
Noah Herzog General Editorial

I like what I see, what is the next step?

Simply send an email to contact0818@interdubs.com and we will take it from there. We are happy to answer any questions.

We can show you the admin side of INTERDUBS in a screen sharing session. The next step is usually that we give you a trial segment, so that you can see for yourself how INTERDUBS can help you.

Is INTERDUBS reliable?

INTERDUBS guarantees 100% uptime of our site or you get the entire month free. Read more about INTERDUBS reliability


We like building viciously fast computers that also run reliable. As of March 2012 INTERUBS runs on the 6th hardware generation. Upgrades are seamless for our clients. Each hardware iteration was optimized based on our experience with the previous one. We are obsessed with scientifically monitoring all aspects of the sytem performance and use this data as the guideline during the next upgrade. Small gains compounded over time left us with systems that perform by dimensions better than the initial generic ones.

INTERDUBS data centers are connected very well to the Internet.

Check your performance via the links below:

west coast
east coast
or Europe

Read here more about our data centers.


INTERDUBS grows fast, and by word of mouth only. A list of all current users can be found under the customer tab.

Which Version is INTERDUBS?

Instead of releasing Versions infrequently INTERDUBS gets updated constantly. The last one was on 08/15/18. There were a total of 5499 updates before that. During all of which INTERDUBS clients could keep their existing data.


We know that the safety of your data is essential to you and your client. Read more here about INTERDUBS Security, and how it has been implemented.

What does INTERDUBS cost?

Check out the pricing tab. We don't do discounts or special pricing.
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